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Video GalleryMoving Pictures

The TV One Breakast weather crew filming at Tanks For Everything. Here Jack does a walk past of our vehicles and then hops into the (Swedish-made!) Hagglunds for a spin with Wendy at the controls. TV One Breakfast weather at TFE part 2: With a quick interview of me in the Centurion Tank and then away we go for a blast in the monster.
TV One filming part 3: Jack is showing a comparison of the size of 'his' car to one of our FV432 APC's .... when the Cent tank re-appears and gives him a little bit of a surprise! TV One part 4: As a finale Jack drives the FV432 and does a really good job - not bad for about 10 minutes tuition and doing it all live in one take. Peter comments that it looks like fun - well I can confirm that it is brilliant fun every time!
Our newest vehicle 'Boris' the Russian T-55AM2 Main Battle Tank arriving at Lyttelton port. Due to flat batteries and empty air tanks we had a few problems starting him but once running got him moved and loaded OK. All T-55's smoke like that - the 39 litre supercharged V-12 diesel is designed to use 1.5 - 3 litres of oil per hour of running! The T-55 coming through Lyttelton tunnel on the way to the tank site - I wonder what the people waiting in the queue thought! 'Boris' is now available for driving and rides in addition to all our other vehicles of course. Thanks to Porters and Protranz who moved the tank for us and did a great job.
Looking at Maximus the Centurion at one of our Tours and Rides days - where as part of the tour you have the chance to get inside vehicles the public cannot normally even get close to. Some of our other vehicles at the same Tours and Rides day - we also often have guest vehicles along on these days - in this case you can see a Unimog truck and 'Skippy' SWB Landrover in the background.
Maximus our Centurion making easy work of a Charade - whenever I see the tank on a car it always makes me think that either the tank looks very big or the car looks very small! Driving the Cent off the squashed Charade at one of our Tours and Rides days. Usually we reverse off but this time it looked easier to come off forwards and then reverse around the crushed car.
Extended footage of an FV432 APC tank ride around our old site - these FV432 rides take place regularly at our Tours and Rides days. This is Tash bringing the Centurion home after having a drive at our old tank site - looks like a good drive to me.
Maximus the Centurion tank remodelling an old taxi at another one of our Tours and Rides days at our old site. I'm driving - tough job huh? The view and sound from inside Scrogg the Ferret as he is driven around one of our old off-road circuits. David (one of our volunteer helpers) driving and Rob doing the filming.
More tank car crushing - This is Danny doing the driving, his wife lined up the car crush as a surprise birthday present for him - boy did he enjoy it! And this is us driving the tank off afterwards - sometimes the soft metal of the cars gets stuck in the tank tracks but this one came off no problem - flat car huh?
The lucky people riding in the turret won a competition run by jobx who asked if we could help out with a cool prize - yep we could! Another view of the same car crush filmed by a mate of the passengers - contact us if you want a unique competition prize or want to crush a car.
Some footage of a recent event we were aksed to help out with in Christchurch - a group called Promise Keepers were having a conference and wanted a way for the participants to let off steam mid-afternoon. So a timed FV432 tug-of-war was arranged - followed by a quick blast (at 6:05) to show them what the Rolls-Royce K60 engine will do compared to 10 men! Film of 'our' Centurion Tank 169039 in Vietnam with the Australian Army in 1970-71. The tank was then called 'Cromwell' but is now known to us as 'Maximus'. As well as our tank you can see other Cents including 'Crater Critter' and also M113 APC's plus the iconic Huey helicopter at the end of the footage. There is no sound with this video.
Another car crush with a difference - Si and Gary from More FM asked if we could help with one of their 'Flip' competitions - based on the correct coin toss call the contestants could win a trip to the Melbourne Grand Prix...but get it wrong and we would crush their car with the Centurion - you can guess what happened! Greatest Ever Tanks: Number 5 Centurion - a run down on the Centurion, which according to this programme makes it to number 5 on the list of greatest ever tanks produced.
Top Ten Tanks: Number 8 T-54/55 - according to this list the T-54/T-55 family of tanks make it to number 8 out of ten in the run down of best tanks in the world. Top Ten Tanks: Number 5 Centurion - another tank countdown where yet again Centurion makes it to number 5 on the list of best tanks produced.